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Not a week goes by where more reports continue to expose Facebooks's privacy violations and data breeches. Facebook's over commodification of its members has had dangerous consequences on society.  Increased disconnection between people, anxiety, depression and shorter attention spans are just some of the few problems with the current technocracies governing social media platforms. Recently former Facebook Executive Chamath Palihapitiya warned, "You Don't realize it but you are being programed!"   Facebook's former President, Sean Parker has exposed how Facebook was designed to be addictive and the designers of Facebook knew exactly what they were doing when they created the social media platform with the goal to exploit human psychology. He admits, "We understood this and we did it anyway."  


Our  basis of developing the JAYNE social media platform around the cannabis industry also included a desire to create an alternative platform with it's aim to encourage cooperation between its members and embrace cannabis culture uniqueness of elevating the human experience. We are at a point now that the effects caused by FACEBOOK social engineering and manipulation, along with hidden and often dangerous algorithms has torn apart the social fabric of how society works. The impact of these current tools with their aims to increase consumption and exploit people’s vulnerabilities have created new addictions, shortened attention spans and destroyed peoples natural abilities to cooperate. 

“ In this era where technology is creating a more #FAKE world, JAYNE moves forward with an alternative social network that utilizes technology to enhance its members lives, whereby increasing meaningful human connections promotes valuable cooperation in the multi-billion cannabis economic opportunities.  Unlike FACEBOOK whom exploits its members psychological well being, JAYNE SOCIAL understands that your life is not a product to be sold. Technology needs to serve people instead of people serving technology.  Our base mission when developing JAYNE, is where healthy minds can engage in the discovery and participation with the flow of life, art, music and expression. We believe elevated consciousness helps unites us rather then divide us. “ 

Mark Lacey, Jayne Social Founder 


With so much dependence on social media today, more people have found themselves disconnected from authentic valuable experiences in their lives. JAYNE believes that the emerging cannabis economies will be revolutionary, along with its many cultural, consciousness and health disruptions. We built JAYNE SOCIAL with a transparent and flexible economic model to further nurture the ideas and values unlocked by our members participatory experience on our platform. 



With the ongoing legalization of cannabis, we believe that cannabis will continue to touch upon every facet of life on both personal and society as a whole. This requires unique tools for its economic growth and it’s cultural impact.  JAYNE SOCIAL provides innovation for cannabis economies and help businesses and artists grow. We believe that technology should help support a happy, holistic life and not work against us. Cannabis with it’s many uses from medicine, food, energy and recreational provides new and greater economic potential.  JAYNE SOCIAL provides a dedicated platform to help grow its collaboration efforts and economic opportunities for more people. 

Join the revolution at JAYNE.SOCIAL 

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